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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> a few hours from now a bay area marine will be laid arresto rest. >> there is new information this morning 0on ivan lopez. the american soldier who shot and killed three people in texas military base. >> rain makes a mother returned to the bay area this morning. will it affect your weekend plans? >> here is video to show you what a way that has been coming down in fremont. we will find out if the will affect your weekend. >> there are no words and terms of rain fall but we do have to get through friday.
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storm tracker 4 is showing the rain is pushing his way now leaving walnut creek heading to the san ramon valley. we are seeing heavy rain around highway 4 in antioch. >> there is heavy rain entering san mattel and burlingame. just a few sprinkles for downtown san jose. it looks like the heavy rain has left san francisco. you will probably need to use your windshield wiper the. as we progress throughout the day we're still looking at the possibility of an isolated shower. mid 50s along the coast. we will see clear skies by 3:00 p.m.. i will talk about the forecast for this weekend coming up. >> the seven day around the bay will be coming of the 15
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minutes. >> early activation of the metering lights means an early backup for the westbound ride. we just went from 9 to 14 minutes. this is for the westbound trip for the bay bridge leading up to the upper deck. we are already seeing some slow traffic for the rise through contra costa. the trip is a concord, from the wall past on highway 4 in the westbound direction is translated into a slow going for 242 and 680 southbound. the ride from dublin is still without delay driven maligned > >> happening today. a funeral will be held for marine lance cpl. andrew silva. he was hit and killed by a drunk driver last week in fremont. kron 4's will tran is live now with more. will?
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>> as 10 days ago he was killed right behind may and since then, almost e media lay once they cleared the said his family came out and set up this memorial. you can see that this has grown so much. a long goodbye but at noon, that will finally say goodbye to the 23 your road. here is his picture, he had just came back from afghanistan. he has been a marine for several years, he was on his motorcycle just crossing this intersection. a man in emeryville had just left a talk called belt belligerent and went into this intersection and slammed into him that he float 50 yds, when they found him, he was no longer on the roadway, his body and
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his motorcycle was filed in a bank's parking lot. >> after slamming into him, this man lost control of the many cooper, hit a power pole, the car caught fire, by the time they arrived, he got out of the car and tried to jump a fence, they arrested them and on the way back, people noticed that there was a motorcycle and down grid they happen to us from across them. we will cover and obviously the person that hit him is still in jail been charged with manslaughter. >> new this morning. police are trying to identify the suspect who shot and injured a man in antioch. officers received a call around 11 last night about someone being shot at east 6th street. when they arrived they found the victim with a
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gunshot wound to his head. investigators believe th suspect and the victim knew each other. the victim is expected to survive his injuries. >> shocking allegations out of santa rosa, a cub scout leader is under arrest against a child. franklin lee was part of sebastopol's cub scout pack 128. at the sonoma county jail and is being held on one million dollars bail. he is charged with numerous sex crimes against minors police say, the victim was *not part of the cub scout pack. one neighbor was shocked to hear about the news. >> i was very surprised by the bills, he has done great things for the community in his work with the disabled, boy scouts, he wanted to be a father in the family man. he had previously had a another set. >> they stated that they fired him on wednesday as soon as they found out.
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>> >> in the midst of a school sexting scandal.police addressed parents at edna hill middle school in brentwood. police say a middle school boy in contra costa county used sexually explicit photos of a girl to force her into sex acts. at the meeting.authorities offered up advice. they say parents should "friend" their kids on facebook and monitor their online activity. later this month, the brentwood unified school district will hold another forum on surviving social media. both parents and students
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are encouraged to attend >> investigators in texas think the gunman who opened fire on a military base got into an argument before the deadly shooting. specialist ivan lopez killed three people and injured 16 others wednesday at fort hood. he then turned the gun on himself. a senior officer says lopez's unstable mental health was likely the underlying cause of the attack. he was getting treatment for depression and anxiety while being evaluated for p-t-s-d. but investigators also believe an argument with another service member likely happened just before the shooting. >> new this morning. 192 dozen jobs or added to the u.s. payroll in march. this is the latest sign that the economy is on a rebound. the unemployment rate is still unchanged to 6.7%. >> coming up on the kron4
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newest. dozens of firefighters in sacramento called out to a big fire. why they are now called and is suspicious. >> stunning new is about a 9 month old baby been taken to jail. we will tell you what got him in trouble with the law.
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>> welcome back. we are tracking delays for 580, one of the first free ways to show signs of slowing. it's currently the drive time from the alta mount pass after the dublin interchange is 42 minutes. we are not tracking any other incidents. >> the sacramento fire department is staying on the scene of this huge fire this morning.
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it ripped through a commercial building in midtown sacramento last night. and investigators believe it is suspicious. the warehouse stores exotic cars. and those may have contributed to the heavy flames. 85-firefighters could not stop the fire from damaging two nearby businesses and a house. at this point, no injuries have been reported. >> another key figure in the federal corruption investigation. has made bail. political consultant - keith jackson is out on bond. prosecutors argued against the judge's decision. due to the serious nature of the allegations against jackson: conspiring with state senator leland yee to trade political favors for cash but jackson's attorney says there is no risk because none of that is true. jackson is due back in court on tuesday with yee, raymond chow and more than 20 others. for formal charging in the grand jury indictment.
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>> the time is 6:11 a.m.. more local nose and the big stories you will need to know still ahead. >> we are tracking the rain and that's making its way through the bay area this morning. at 6:20 a.m.. we will tell you why a man in the south bay thinks his nephew was targeted while he was out moving his car. >> as 6:25 a.m.. time is running out for searched cruise looking for the black box on the missing malaysia and playing in the southern indian ocean.
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>> welcome back. the heaviest rain is in the east bay. we still have a few sales that are containing rain. if you wanted the zero men, storm tracker 4 shows walnut creek has heavy rain making his way to highway 4 along the will bypass. the peninsula, burlingame and san mateo are dealing with heavy rain. sunnyvale and cupertino are drying out. it is just a little bit of lightning down in san jose. we're not dealing with any
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organized heavy rain that we saw a few hours ago. if you are not dealing with the rain the your chords to have mostly cloudy conditions. futurecast 4 shows that time in the rain--right now, we have heavy rain along the coast and along the east bay. by 8:00 a.m. we will just have scattered showers. >> we will see more rain for a higher elevations. keep your umbrellas handy. it looks like we was see partial clearing in fact, the sunshine by letter on this afternoon. speaking of this afternoon. campbell will have a high of 64 degrees i think will see similar readings in the east bay. walnut creek at 65 and the temperatures are still below where they should be. we will keep those numbers in the upper 50s along the coast. >> your 7 day around the bay
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shows warmer weather, springlike conditions on tap for saturday and sunday of has that we will-- widespread 80s monday through wednesday and the temperatures in the upper 70's. low 70's along the coast. >> the time is 6:17 a.m.. >> we are saying slowing around the bay and its is following the pattern of the rain, the east bay has slow spots. the east shore freeway is still looking great. overall of the drive time is not that bad but is not the volume, it is a speed of it. things are slowing down for the westbound highway 4 ride. it is really at the west end of this trip that things are slow. the san ramon valley is still-to-west 580 is
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heavy. 42 minutes heading out to dublin coming from the 2 05 interchange. the south bay freeway is still looking good no major delays. marin county, 1 01 southbound and safely, we are now looking at any hot spots. >> the bay bridge, things are pretty slow, the back of the growing. in fact, friday, was, is now backing up into the macarthur mayes. there is a report of an accident was friday where a vehicle may have struck a light pole. san mateo bridge, highway 92 the volume is building and the speed is still holding at about 12 minutes. if your headed to marin, here is a look at the traffic approach to the toll plaza, still light enough to not be backed up. >> happening today. former san francisco supervisor ed jew is scheduled to begin serving a
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one year sentence for lying about where he lived during a 2006 campaign. this comes on the heels of jew serving nearly 5 years in federal prison after being convicted of extortion and bribery. jew's lawyers tried to argue that his federal time served should be credited to his state sentence, but a judge ruled that separate crimes deserved separate sentences. there is still the possibility that jew could be allowed to serve home detention. the judge will make that determination at a hearing this afternoon. >> >> vigils are planned today outside of congressional offices across the country by activists who want a tax on wall street transactions. the so-called "robin hood" tax would levy half a percent on stock market trades. the group is also calling for what they say is economic justice today on the 46th anniversary of the assasination of martin luther king jr. locally vigils are planned
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out side of congressman george miller's concord offices. and congressman mike honda's san jose offices. both at 11:30 this morning. >> more on the the story that we told joel barr yesterday morning. a man is gunned down industry, in these san jose, as he tried to move his car. police think that someone passing the car shot a 27 year-old eric mendoza. his uncle believes that his nephew was killed by a gang member. >> this is just very sad. >> police say, they have no motive or suspects and could not confirm whether the city's 11 killings so far this year is a gang related.
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>> many people in northern chile are still without water or power. this after a magnitude 8.2 earthquake shook the area wednesday. more than two-thousand-500 homes were damage. a seven-point-six-magnitude aftershock struck the region late wednesday. the aftershock damaged supply systems, leaving about half of the region's urban area in the dark. 80-percent of the city's power grid was affected and the supply of drinking water was almost completely disrupted. >> police in pakistan have stunned just about everyone. by arresting and booking a 9-month-old baby. little moosa khan was even finger-printed. authorities in the community called "muslim town" - say, he was throwing stones at police officers during a raid. he was booked for his quote- "involvement in an assassination plot" against police. the baby is out on bail.
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fortunately, the media attention is causing some higher officials to at least take a second look. police authorities have now been asked to submit a report on the case. >> watching wall street this morning. stocks are on track for their best weekly gains in weeks. here's a look at the closing numbers from yesterday. the dow fell half a point. the nasdaq dropped 39 points. and the s and p 500 was down two points after closing at an all time high on wednesday. >> the unemployment rate is still less 6.7%. >> mozilla's c-e-o is stepping down after protests over his support of a gay marriage ban in california. mozilla co-founder brendan eich is under fire because of a controversial donation to support the prop 8 campaign. eich gave one- thousand dollars to the campaign in 2008.
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mozilla is the mountain- view based company behind the firefox web browser. a mozilla spokesperson apologized for the company in an open letter online, saying mozilla believes in equality and freedom of speech. >> the time is 6:22 a.m.. coming up on the kron 4 news. more bay area volunteers are heading to washington state at the side of the deadly landslide. >> we have an update this morning on the formula one star who has been in a coma since getting into a skiing accident three months ago.
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>> welcome back. happening now. the underwater search begins today for missing malaysian airlines flight 3- 70 in the southern indian ocean. crews only have a few days left before pings from the plane's two data recorders could stop working. a black box's batteries last about a month after a plane crash. one ship has a pinger locator from the u-s navy. today's area of focus covers more than 83-thousand square miles of the indian ocean. >> the formula one star who suffered serious head injuries in a skiing accident three months ago is showing moments of consciousness. michael schumacher's mangers says "michael is making progress on his way." she added that "we keep remaining confident." doctors placed schumacher in a coma to stabilize him. the 45-year=old race car driver fell while skiing in france and hit the right
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side of his head on a rock, cracking his helmet. doctors operated to remove blood clots from his brain. >> still ahead. a fire in the east bay overnight may have the consent on purpose. we will show you this deal coming up. >> blindfolded and pepper sprayed. a violent home invasion in san leandro but nothing was stolen.
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>> welcome back. the opening bell on wall street. there was a decent record for the monthly jobs. 59 is based out of-that's the day
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provide software and they're going public today. there raise $70 million. their shares are $7. there are some east bay people that are striking it rich and ringing the opening bell. malig >> that is nice to know. >> the rain does seem to be moving out. >> the heaviest rain is to the san ramon valley. this is where we're seeing the yellow is indicating heavy rain about a quarter of an inch an hour. the rain is pushing his way, just east of danville. is pretty much the same story. we are starting to dry out for menlo park and even down towards sunnyvale. light rain started exit and it is working his way into
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evergreen. light rain to the central ave. you may need to use your windshield wipers if you are riding through san leandro and so when. heavier rain is approaching the call to caught tunnel. the showers will continue to push. we are not talking about rain for too much longer. we may see it isolated shower but that is most likely for the higher elevations. >> the day planner shows warmer weather and plenty of sunshine. i will break down your full details coming up. >> and we have heavy traffic at the macarthur mayes. the westbound ride is backed up on all the approaches even the 880 is backed up to the top of the ram. the macarthur mayes, an accident reported on 580, the chp
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stated that a light pole has been knocked down. there are several vehicles involved. the sensors are not indicating much, if anything in the way of a back up. that could change, looking here at a potential hot spot. >> firefighters in oakland are calling a one alarm fire that started earlier this morning suspicious. this fire started around 3:00 a.m. on 23rd street and was quickly put out. when the fire crews arrived on the scene, they found a fire burning. an initial investigation shows of the fire was started on the outside the building. the fire caused $75,000 in damage. >> a violent home invasion rattles and east bay neighborhood. san leandro police are searching for two men who tied up, blindfolded
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and pepper sprayed one victim. police said the two men forced their way into a home. the men tied a homeowner and ransacked home before they're ran away. >> i hope that the catch him. this is beyond scary. >> police say, at this point, they do not know why this happened. because nothing was stolen from the home. >> there have been a total three home invasion robberies in the city of san leandro this year. two other cases have been back in january. san leandro police say, the they do not see a connection between three robberies. in all, there have been five whole invasion robberies reported. >> there were two police shootings in the same day fairfield. the first, yes
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they afternoon behind the wal-mart. a federal task force on a man at the store was wanted for attempted murder. police say that markell davis was arms, and a member of the task force and shot him. then, half an hour later, fairfield officers found another man cory davis, wants is for an attempted murder. the officers were not injured. >> this weekend, officials are holding a gun buyback in san francisco's vistiacion valley neighborhood. one saturday between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.. participants can drop off guns for cash at the grocery store on bay shore boulevard. participants must arrive with unloaded those in the trunk of their car. assault weapons will be returned for up to $200, the was in good working conditions will get
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$100. >> police arrested one man for stealing diamond and swapping them for a fake gemstones. san mattel police arrived-that's our arrested angela walker monday for commercial burglary. walker entered and left galati jewelers in san mattel last week and look at several diamond rings. when the sales person and went to the back of the store, she stole a and solitaire ring. she them bump the hand of a saleswoman causing a loose diamond to fall to the counter. she swears the real diamond with a cubic zirconia . the sales person realize that. walker returned to the store and you do more diamond earlier this week an attempted to sell them. police then
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arrested her. >> happening today, two members of menlo park's urban search and rescue task force are heading to washington to help with the mud slide efforts. the team members, division chief frank fraone and rob patterson, are deployed as part of a 20 person supporting. right now, 30 people are dead at 17 still remain missing. >> coming up on kron 4 news. we are tracking the rain that is hitting the bay area. when it rolls out there right now, here's a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. >> a couple trapped in their car in missouri's flooded streets. we will have that story of their rescue coming up. we also will have dine and dish.
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>> welcome back. but one in the macarthur mayes is the accident at 24 even though it was reported that a lane was blocked to but a minor accident north 880 of market street is backing up the ride coming into downtown oakland from just before 580. >> new this morning. the
6:40 am
rain is causing hazardous conditions in the north bay. terisa estacio has more. >> the rain has been pretty steady. that has created hazardous conditions on a road. right now, i am next to 101 next to the lucky drive exit. this area normally floods. car after car is is going along the stretch. the california highway safety patrol is encouraging you to slow down because they are known for flooding. especially bed this morning. the slow lane is that you use--there are encouraging news to slow down so that you can make it to your destination safely especially on this friday morning commute. terisa estacio kron4 noseews,.
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>> i will walk you through future cast 4 when we return.
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>> welcome back. the top stories on kron4 right now. in southern california, three people have died from bacterial meningitis. in total, a people have contracted this disease this year. all the people who
6:44 am
fell ill, have one thing in common. goes to our website to find out. >> michael schumacher is showing signs of consciousness after being placed in a medical induced coma. the formula one star was in a skiing accident three months ago. his family's say that they are remaining confident. >> a cub scout troop leader in the north bay is arrested for sex crimes against terrorism. the assaults have took place over a three year. he is now facing multiple charges. it is all our website at >> kron4 mike pelton is helping us tracked iran. he is live at the embarcadero in walnut creek with more. >> so far this morning there are people with their umbrellas, running into and
6:45 am
bo tools for the rate. avoid the people will love erica's forecast for the next five days. we will see what people have plans. >> i know you are in walnut creek, we said san francisco by mistake, the embarcadero of walnut creek, the they have one there? >> no, we're in downtown walnut creek. this is people run into starbucks right now. those are the only people braving >> this is joy in his best. you can see that the rain is
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pushing its way east, it is almost out of here. we do have scattered showers allied raid and concord and heavy iran for antioch. the . 101, interstate 280 has dry conditions. down in the south the heaviest rain has pushed out and made its way to evergreen. it just depends on where your. we should see dry conditions throughout the day. i wanted to bring the satellite and radar just to show you the movement of the system. the shower is starting to rotate. we're also deal snow showers for the sierra. i do not think any chain requirements are in effect. over to future cast 4 spotty showers were made throughout the day and by lunchtime, expect grain for the north,
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the east, dry conditions for the south. keep your our umbrella handle just in case. overall, was a partial clearing and mid 60's for places like fairfield. the temperatures will mainly be in the upper 50s. >> simmer fellow have a high of 62. we're still below where we should be. we will make up for for the weekend. seven is expected saturday and sunday and '80s are introduced in the forecast monday through wednesday. there is a lot to look for two. >> we're attracted a couple of incidents that are creating delays. i would not call the hot spots because the drive times of bed. i wish for, instead of saying --it is all his work out towards will pass. we started the morning with slow traffic now there is an accident on the shoulder at daily road and that is why
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the slow going is there. the macarthur mayes, there's an accident was bound 580 at 9 a.80. is a minor accident past market street on the nimitz freeway. this is as you had to the macarthur mayes. this is only going had a couple of minutes to your drive time. >> the bridges, the westbound bay bridge is a back up-and-let's switch from here over to the san mattel bridge, that does not seem to work either. let's go to the richmond san rafael, that is not doing so well either. >> i guess we will just have to bail out of this for a while i get back to the desk. >> san francisco hot spot restaurant kokkari is going
6:49 am
to the white house to call for the president and the first lady. this is for a greatgreek day vicki liviakis is going as well. she had a preview of the presidential menu of. >> this is one of the dishes that we serve at the white house. diners are not so sure that they need to know this. >> it is not everyday that you get to cook for president. cafe d >> it is okay, they will take a very good care of the president. >> what will the president be eating? >> it will probably the lamb chops and a bottle the buklava.
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>> he let us get on a secret. >> we marinate them, then we grow them. the white house kitchen does not have a misdeed grill so we will have on the lawn. we will be able to cut the manservant a wet one. >> mr. president, these are for you. >> we wish her good luck on that. >> coming up but they ate-- timekeeping in the united states is that even more exact. this photo shows the new u.s. atomic clock. the national institute of
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standards and technology unveiled this just today. this clock is so accurate. the clocks are used for civilian purposes and the united states and its data is shared with the international bureau of weights and measures and paris. >> coming up at 8:45 a.m.. we are going to be talking to the author of the moms inventors handbook, tamara monosoff. you can have a chance to win a copy of her book. into the contest on our website at >> will be right back. [ grunting ]
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head into the 7:00 hour we have new video that we want to show you. shoppers in
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northern texas rushed to this wal-mart to take cover before a severe storm. moments later, the grounds it would hail stones. the ice punched holes through 200 sky lights overhead. the hell even sadder some cars back windows. >> this is a good example of why motorists should never tried for a flooded road. a couple winds sullivan come was or was rescued from their vehicle after it got stuck in rising water. the high water covered several streets. a another reminder that even if the war over a role looks,, a can still pull the vehicle into the water. >> take a looked at this. two loggerhead turtles were released back in the atlantic ocean after spending time at the south
6:56 am
carolina aquarium. miss royal and nud were brought to the aquarium's sea turtle rescue program last june because of medical problems. both of the turtles were released a few hours away from the charleston closed at the gulf stream. >> the homeless at a loss angela shelter got the five star treatment in an unusual april fool's studs or. and what is being called pranking at ford comedienne greg benson transform the shelter into a elegant affair. chefs served filet mignon and everyone received a gift bags and gift cards and necessary items. those behind the prank also donated $5,000 to the shelter. >> coming up in the next hour, police in brentwood are talking to a middle school parents about their
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>> in just a few hours, a marine who was back in town will be laid to rest. i will have the details coming up. >> new information this morning on the american shousoldier who shot and killed three people at a texas military base. >> rain makes a mother returned to the bay area this morning. >> good morning. think you for joining us. we will now get for friday install with the update with the weather. >> in my last report we had
7:00 am
a defined band of moderate showers. that continues to push its way east. heavy rain is passing danville. you will need to use your windshield wipers and the same advice for the peninsula. light rain stretching out to menlo park. iran did not last for long and we did see heavy downpours. heaviest rain is just north of evergreen. focusing our attention on san francisco. we have a few stray showers. dry and sausalito with no rain. it looks like we're still contending with light rain. we will continue with this pattern of offered none of showers and cloudy conditions. in fact, by 3:00 p.m. for the temperatures will be in the low 60's. >>


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